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Galenus LLC is Africa’s best language service provider (LSP), we have achieved great success, HOW…? By delivering extraordinary jobs, our technologically advanced process ensures that Translation is tailored beyond your vision of perfection

So  as you seek new ways to reach, engage, and support customers or prospects, Galenus LLC Professional Language Experts shall help you with solutions that span all channels, platforms, and devices With our unique combination of geography, technology, language and cultural expertise, we’ll help you connect with more customers everywhere through the most diverse portfolio of linguistic services including transcription, localization, translation, revision, quality
assurance, terminology management, multilingual desktop
publishing, project management, and content development

TRANSLATION: The act of translation is not as simple as many think The process is much more complex than simply switching words from the source language to the target language as many mistakenly believe that to produce a good translation, one needs to only know both languages, nothing more!!!
Galenus LLC translators adapt the source document’s message to convey it in another language and culture, while maintaining content and style  

LOCALIZATION: In our increasingly global society, where trade crosses all borders, it is vital that your company establish a web presence and offer products adapted to the socio cultural reality of your target
audience Marketing products in a foreign country requires more than a simple translation and that is why localization is such an important phase of your global connectivity

TRANSCRIPTION: The transcription process empowers you to connect to a foreign target audience in ways that would otherwise simply not be possible In Galenus LLC we Ultimately, enable you to talk to your audience in their native language through transcription, so that they really read what you have to say.

INTERPRETATION:Interpreting is a linguistic mediation activity that consists of converting verbal speech to convey the same message in another language.

Unlike a translator, an interpreter is a direct witness of the spoken source message, whether in person or by audio visual transmission (television or telephone), while a translator works on a source message in hard copy, and thus is able to consult language resources.
Galenus LLC interpreters perform their job with almost perfect knowledge in giving the targeted audience the exactly required meaning in simple words.



Our process is stable yet flexible enough to address
your individual needs and deliver to you tailored
translated files.
The process goes through 3 MAIN phases
before the files get back translated to the client

Assigning Roles

1- Project Manager
Assigning a project manager is crucial as the project manager is someone with whom you will communicate till the very end of the project process, so you can be aware of every step on the way and how the company is working on getting your files translated The project manager s role is to review your project from A to Z.

2- Terminologists
A terminologist is someone who ensures that translated terminology is accurate, and that is the right one, that s the main reason why a terminologist has to be very specific and knowledgeable because one simple error in a terminology can easily ruin the whole file One of the characteristics of a terminologist is being consistent with industry standards and previous translations in the same field or industry.

3- Translators
We accurately select translators with most relevantexperience of your project domain To make sure they have the ability to translate your project as accurate as needed with the best word selection of the domain.

4- Editors

Galenus Editing team review text after being translated and make sure it conveys the text s original meaning and culture of targeted language which enables them to ensure that text
is grammatically and structurally correct, and that it complies with rhetorical standards of the target language.

5- Desktop Publishing Specialists
The final product format and form is their responsibility!
They have to make sure that the final file has the same look and sense of that of the original
They do so by comparing both files to each other as separate ones and prepare all required pictures,
diagrams and so on.
6- Quality assurance specialists
They monitor each phase of the process by going through the details of each phase so they are able to
ensure that the end product works properly and that it will accommodate the target market perfectly.

Team Creation

Once each role is selected, team members collect information about you as a client and your product as necessary, so they know exactly what you want and how to create it and deliver it with high standards of Quality & Accuracy.

Prepare files

Once we receive the necessary files from you, we do the following
1- Confirm which targeted language or languages you want your file
to be translated into (Knowing that we translate into more than 140 language)
2- Check the integrity of each file Confirm the file type and make sure
that we have smooth access for it
3- Create a glossary
4- Create a translation memory in CAT Tool using previously translated
company materials (when available)
In summary
-Translation -Check -Revision -Review -Proofreading.

Our languages

Do not worry, yes we speak your language
As mentioned before our translators have command of more than 140 languages over the world!
The main languages that we work on are


As we live in an Arabic nation, we surely have native Arabic translators, they will be handling any Arabic projects in the most accurate way

English is the most worldwide spread language Galenus LLC is the best choice for you to have your copies translated


Despite of the little number of French speakers over the world, Galenus LLC has always been distinguished by its professional French translators.
Hindi – Romanian – Indonesian – Samoan – Irish – Swedish – Italian – Spanish – Japanese – Somali – Greek – Russian – Korean – Persian – Kurdish – Mandarin – Arabic – English – French – Finnish – German – Greek – Hausa – Hebrew

+ 120 Other Languages Around The Globe