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We are effectively active since 2014 , but GALENUS LLC was able to overcome 2020 s challenges and open its first independent office in Dokki , becoming the largest language services provider offering translation, localization and interpreting services in abroad range of fields and languages.


Our professional team of translators and interpreters are industry leaders as they are experts in their native language and their second language as a result of spending more than 20 years in the translation industry They have the necessary linguistic skills and abilities to undertake translation jobs of
any volume, focusing on the needs of each and every client regarding text types, areas of specialization, technical requirements and languages required That is the key fact why we focus on selecting the most suitable translator for each client to ensure the consistency of each translation project, and we delegate in case it s necessary, a backup team of translators Which enables us as a company to undertake
whether a 500 page technical manual or a 4 page product description, thanks to these teams of highly trained skilled linguists.

Being one of the largest and fastest growing language services providers, our employees and linguists,
acknowledge that what they do through localization transcription and subtitling services matters in the

Because the passion they work with, helps millions of speakers and companies over the world to
overcome communication barriers, meet goals, build trust, and finally grow as individuals!
This passion we work with, continues to drive our culture of service excellence, which keeps clients coming back for more
Moreover, our integrated services of localization, transcription and subtitling services will allow your
business to reach international markets by means of professional translations in many areas and languages.