.a Translation and Localization company

Our professional translators team have more than 20 years of experience in translation industry.

We are providing translation, localization, transcription and subtitling service for more than 140 languages.

Our mission

Since day one, our prime mission was to make an impact through both business and society by connecting them to each other by Our Team of professional translators.

Proficiency of delivering a culturally relevant and customized translation experience to diverse clients totally relies on a translator s ability and skill to understand, speak, and command of the language That’s the main reason why we embrace modern technology in the translation industry, while still valuing the role of human translators as machine translation is not yet accurate enough to match our high standards of translation, localization, transcription, interpretation and subtitling
As we provide an integrated language platform with technological advancement and services needed to deliver local translated content across every step of customer cycle Eliminating linguistic and cultural barriers, enabling our clients to reach global markets through our flawless and cost effective content solutions.

We help our employees to live our mission within their work.
We strive to put the customer’s satisfaction our
Making their translation and interpreting experience as easy and accurate as possible.
Providing Affordable Language Services experts strive for excellence in all we do, and we never stop
perfecting our craft.

We possess great experience in localizing contents in 140 languages We emphasized on developing great cultural relevance so customers always get the best translations For 6 years we have delivered unlimited quality translated projects successfully.

Our translators are certified, experienced professional translation experts, who possess academic qualifications in the translation field In Sum, we are client focused and on a mission to enable your business to change and grow in an evolving market So, that is not surprising that most Globally Known companies rely on Galenus LLC language expertise. We will extend our professional support to keep you satisfied in every aspect of our languages services.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the first choice for providing languages services all over Egypt & mother Africa.

Galenus LLC
Our Translation team is exerting its most applicable efforts to stay on top of new happenings in the AFRICAN, ASIAN markets and offering clients a unique translation and localization service; focusing on maintaining your brand s unique identity.

Galenus‘s client focused service provider which based on being prompt, responsive, and good at what we do We are proud to say that the company offers a broad range of services from translation, desktop publishing, interpretation, transcription and localization Our work is the best evidence of our emphasized commitment to our clients success and mission Moreover, our project management teams offer a professional and friendly service with an in depth understanding of project requirements We work with total respect for our clients’ deadlines and budgets.

Part of our service offering is a commitment to outstanding customer care, as well as to superb quality translations As such, we offer 24 7 support to our clients Our professional linguists and customer service representatives are available to assist clients at all times by email or even by phone.

Our priorities

Availability: We believe in availability, we strive daily to uphold this one core value of being available for your support so we can continue to learn and develop opportunities for greater humanity Our team is here to serve your translation needs 24 7 and our translators will be handling your requests no matter what your time zone is.

At Galenus LLC we continue to grow vertically and thrive off of the challenges that present.

High quality: We hire only translators with carefully selection procedures to match the subject matter and content of your project Our translations meet and exceed international quality standards by continuously reviewing your files with expertise and super accuracy to make sure you receive it on time with zero errors.
We have handled hundreds of projects across business industries Our highly skilled team gets your projects finished on time and according to the highest standards of quality in the language services industry.
We offer you multilingual document translations, multimedia localization, transcription and marketing translation among other modern language services Moreover, we blend the latest technologies with expert linguists in order to specialize in quickly establishing long term working partnerships with our clients, providing them with both accurate translations and great prices.

Confidentiality: It is fundamental that you really know in whose hands your material is, that is why for professional translation agencies like Galenus LLC, ensuring the confidentiality of client information is paramount, we keep your data and files confidential by dealing only with internal translators who have signed confidentiality charter.

And because Our translation clients require the utmost confidentiality and expect us to keep their documents, personal correspondence, and business materials secure Confidentiality is a top priority for all of our translators, project managers, and staff, so we adhere strictly to the Safe Harbor Agreement, and we provide an additional level of protection with on site security.